Parenting: The Art that Never Fades - Keeping Up the Legacy


We all wanted to be the best parents. You may be raised from a Chinese background, or from the disciplines of Arab parents, or have undergone the parenting styles of a typical New Yorker, but parenting still stays an art that needs perfection. It is the journey that makes you better. It is the small things, the minute details, the simple gestures, and the sincere desire to be better every day that makes you the best parent. Parenting tools like pregnancy due date calculator  are also now available.

From the moment your child is conceived, your parenting starts. Before your kid is even born, you are already traveling the path to greatness. From knowing the important signs and symptoms of pregnancy, preparing for doctor's appointments, and getting ready with all the things necessary once the labor starts are the start of the first phase of parenting. You may have read a lot about parenting tips on how to teach better manners and habits, but the art is not all about it. It is more about you becoming the right parent to your kids. Manners, habits, and good behaviors don't make you the best parent, only a responsible one.

The art of parenting starts from the home, from you. One popular singer said once that the best can happen and it must start from you. Ask yourself, evaluate your intentions, and know if you are determined to be the best. It is imperative to know if you are honest with how you will raise them. It is not about 'how do you want them to be' but how you are going to accept how they are going to be. It is not something 'just like this and that' but more like the person that can fit for something greater.

It is nice to think about going home from work, talking to your kids, telling them stories, singing a song before they snug to sleep. The art of parenting is more than this. It is more of the fight when you are hurt. It is more of silence even when they speak words you don't want to hear. It is more of the stand when it is the worst. The love that you found in your travel will surely be passed down, when they become parents in the future. The art of parenting will never fade. And it will become a story to someone. The legacy lives on, your legacy of becoming the best parent possibly with the right people for childcare jobs in London.